Tuxedo cabinets. Hidden appliances. Sleek wood paneling.  That’s just the beginning.  Kitchen remodels say something special this year. On the color scene, they say that gray is the new white when it comes to cabinetry. There are those who fancy the classic black and white motif.

Kitchen RemodelsIn both kitchen remodels and bath remodels, the high point seems to be Accessibility.  Lower ovens and other appliances are stationed where they are needed instead of relying on the standard refrigerator, you’ll find waist level style cooling units made
for one or two.  This works well for single or older homesteaders who have down-sized.

Bet you thought you’d never see wood paneling in kitchen remodels again, but it seems to be making a comeback this year.  Not the  kind from back in the 70’s , but lighter or more neutral styles are becoming popular.

Bold fixtures, induction cooktops, and even countertop brewing appliances have made it into kitchens these days.

Add a touch of automation in the way of touch-activated faucets which also add a bit of safety in the kitchen is important in kitchen remodels this year as well.