Tenant Improvement Contractor

federal-building-seattleAs an investment property owner, Light commercial tenant improvements that involve adapting your property to a business’s requirements are often needed. Working on Tenant improvement and renovation projects on your own can be risky.

Even if you have the talent to do it yourself, there are many other hats that you must wear as a property owner. Adding renovation construction remodeling projects to your to-do list can sometimes lead to important steps that are missed or disorganization that increases budgets and time spent on a project.

We know that, in business, productivity can help your business run smoothly and efficiently. We can facilitate your needs as we are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced commercial renovation design and construction specialists who strive to make your vision a reality; and we get the job done!

At LenCan Builders, we specialize in Tenant Improvement and General Contractor Services. We can help bring your ideas to life in a timely manner. Your tenant improvement services are custom designed to fit your needs.

We can provide and assist with improvements to your:

Multi-unit Properties
Office Buildings
Large Units
Retail properties
Medical Facilities
Sports Facility
Retail Properties
Restaurant Properties
and other commercial building properties

king-county-7300LenCan Builders is a DBE- Certified Business.  We work on city and government projects all around the Puget Sound and Washington State. We partner with seasoned, sub-contractors and can help you with budget, design elements as well as any structural concerns.  We can help you avoid those costly mistakes that hold up your time and drain available funds.

Our team of professionals are passionate about what they do and our drive for perfection and building quality relationships that last makes working with LenCan Builders a win-win-win relationship for all involved.

Call LenCan Builders.  Let’s have a conversation about your commercial building construction and remodeling needs.

Construction & Remodeling Services We Offer

Restaurants & Food Service

Retail Centers

Office Buildings and
Commercial Building Construction

LenCan Builders Celebrating 35 years“I found your company to be an excellent partner in reaching our goals and would recommend you to others looking for a contractor who will work to understand the character of a project and collaborate on realizing it.”

Michael Prendergast, Pratt Fine Arts Center

Some of Our Past Clients

  • Bank of America
  • Catfish Corner
  • Central Area Public Development Authority
  • City of Seattle Dept. of Community Development
  • Delta Marine Industries
  • Downtown Food Bank
  • El Centro De la Rasa
  • Emerald City Outreach Ministries
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • General Service Administration
  • King County Planning & Community Development
  • Ledcor Construction Inc.
  • McChord Air Force Base
  • South Lake School
  • Pizza Hut
  • Port of Seattle
  • Pratt Fine Arts Center
  • Seattle Housing Authority
  • Sir Donut
  • Thunderbird Treatment
  • U. S. Navy
  • Urban League
  • Washington Mutual Bank
  • Washington State DOT