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Len-Can Builders, Inc. is a licensed and bonded construction general contractor specializing in commercial and residential remodeling, tenant improvements, and new construction. We have been in business for over 40 years. We also provide pre-construction (plans) services as well.

A general contractor is vital to a successful construction project. We supply materials and labor. We schedule all of the work and materials when they are needed. Since we are licensed and bonded, you are assured that we comply with all of the state’s requirements for a construction contractor.

Business Bottom Line

Len Simpson

CEO & Founder
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Sharing The Knowledge

We truly believe that building relationships help communities grow.

At Len-Can Builders we believe in lending a hand up; working with men and women who have valuable experience in certain areas (such as carpentry, plumbers, HVAC, etc). These community experts take on and manage a staff projects as well as work with interns and volunteers to get that community project completed.

Our Services


Commercial Building 01

Comprehensive commercial building construction services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

New Construction 02

Our services transform your existing spaces into modern, functional environments.

Pre-Construction 03

We assist with planning, budgeting, and design, giving you a comprehensive project roadmap.

General Contractor 04

We oversee every aspect of your construction project from inception to completion.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with us?

Len-Can Builders specializes in a wide range of commercial construction projects, including city and government projects, multi-unit properties, office buildings, retail spaces, medical facilities, sports complexes, and restaurant properties, as well as residential. Our services cover everything from pre-construction planning to general contracting and carpentry.

We provide comprehensive budgeting and cost management services during the pre-construction phase. Our team works closely with clients to develop accurate budget estimates, identify potential cost savings, and monitor expenses throughout the project to ensure it stays within budget.

Yes, Len-Can Builders offers design assistance as part of our pre-construction services. We collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers to ensure that the design elements align with your vision and project requirements, while also addressing any structural concerns.

Len-Can Builders is committed to delivering projects on time. We use detailed project scheduling, proactive planning, and effective communication to manage timelines efficiently. Our experienced project managers oversee all aspects of the project, coordinating with subcontractors and suppliers to avoid delays and ensure timely completion.

Quality control is integral to our construction process. We implement rigorous quality assurance protocols at every stage of the project, from initial planning to final inspection. Our team conducts regular site inspections, ensures compliance with industry standards, and addresses any issues promptly to maintain the highest level of quality.